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About Us

The Mighty Freelance Network is run by two powerhouse freelance business owners - Emily Leach and Laura Briggs. 

Emily is the founder of The Freelance Conference, Austin Freelance Gigs, the Texas Freelance Association, Freelance Business Week and a two-time TEDx speaker and organizer. 

Laura is the author of three published and forthcoming freelance books, two-time TEDx speaker, and freelancing coach. 

Together, our goal is to help more people find and build sustainable freelance businesses 

Why Join Us?

The Mighty Freelance Network is created by freelancers, for freelancers. We are independent people by nature — and we also recognize the power of having friends and compatriots who get our way of life. 

People we don't have to explain ourselves to and justify our lack of a traditional-looking job-job. People who get our struggles and our triumphs.

We need a unique and safe space to explore, network, grow and tearn ... Together.

The Mighty Freelance Network is a place to discover the tools and techniques to run our businesses better, to get us all more and better clients, and to connect with the peers and mentors who make us feel less alone in our solo worlds.

If you are a freelancer or solopreneur of any sort, please join us. We value your experience and perspective, and we look forward to sharing ours with you, too. 

A Big Thanks

Almost half of the workforce is independent now, and all indicators say that's only going to continue to grow. There's power in the connection between us. Thank you for bringing yourself to the gathering place and for contributing to this community. 

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